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One of the things I’ve been doing recently is trying to cut down on the many distractions that I find are diverting my attention away from my core Internet Marketing tasks. Like many people early in their IM careers I have been trying to do too many things at once and if I want to be successful this has to stop.

An example of this is in the sheer number of domain names I have accrued over the last few years. This is primarily down to having an idea about either creating a product or promoting a product and immediately going out and buying a domain name that I then feel obliged to do something with.

Of course the quickest thing to do is throw up a blog and create some content with the aim of getting a few visitors to click on the advertising that’s plastered all over it. The problem is when you are trying to do this for 2, 3, 4 or more different blogs it can become incredibly time consuming and eventually, when/if there is no obvious return, it’s easy to just stop.

So then I ended up with a bunch of practically useless sites out there collecting virtual dust. Worst of all the guilt then gets to me and I decide I should make an effort to add new content or look at automation and the next thing I know I’ve spent a week focusing on a part of my business that just isn’t worth the effort.

And when you are at the stage I am at it doesn’t make sense to be putting content in a whole bunch of different places and picking up a visitor here and there instead of just focusing on one site… this one. After all if I placed all the content from those sites on to here I would have no problem releasing regular articles that will be useful to my audience, rather than risk not updating this site for a couple of weeks while I mess around with the others.

So what have I done about it? Well firstly I have set quite a few of my domains to naturally expire rather than automatically renewing them (which just costs money at the end of the day). Many have a number of months to run so if I do have a brainwave (and it checks out) I can still renew it then, when it actually serves a purpose.

Additionally I’ve simply closed a few blogs that were adding absolutely no value to my or anyone else’s business. In some cases the statistics suggested I may have been getting less than 10 visitors a month which is not exactly earth shattering. And if by chance someone does follow an old link to one of the those sites they’ll find themselves here, where they can get to know me better and then decide if I’m someone they are interested in working with or reading about.

I still have a few sites left, some I am seriously considering keeping and others which will likely disappear too. It feels a little bit like I’ve had a spring clean and we all know how good that can feel when you de-clutter your surroundings! The trick of course is to make sure I don’t just replace those old sites with new ones, so that’s going to be my personal challenge for a while.

I will admit that it took some hard choices, but at the end of the day it feels good to have done it. I doubt anyone is going to miss them, I can concentrate fully on the more important parts of my business and I can still ‘save’ any domains or sites I think are worth keeping (and working on at the right time).

How about you, have you found yourself tidying up your business recently? If so what type of things have you done to focus your attention on the right things? Let me know via a comment as I’m keen to hear about your experiences too.

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  1. Hi Stefan,

    I was in a very similar situation to yourself until recently. Like you, I ‘d have a brainwave of an idea, rush out and buy a domain without really thinking it through to conclusion and find myself renewing it year after year having done nothing with it at all. In fact, I didn’t even get as far as you did by putting some content up there. I’d just activate the add-on domain and point it at my blog with a redirect.

    Trouble is $9.99 to purchase or renew seems so insignificant at the time but when you think about it, if you have 20 or more domains not actually earning anything (which I did), that’s over $200 a year for absolutely zero return and yes, you know they’re there so that nags at you as well.

    I’ve dropped two this year already and have another one or two I’ve taken off auto-renew so they’ll go over the next few months. $200 would buy a lot of gigs on Fiverr or some nice graphics from Steve!


  2. Hi Stefan
    You have hit the nail right on the head here. I have been guilty of this also, trying to do too many things at once and getting nowhere fast it is so easy to get side tracked.

    I also have a collection of domain names that I intend to go through as in effect if they are not being used or not going to get used it is as good as throwing money down the drain.

    I also find my email inbox has been somewhat of a distraction in the past. I now just deal with the important ones and anything else can wait until I have accomplished all I need to do for that day.

    I have also taken a closer look at what I am receiving in my inbox and started unsubscribing to some of the lists that don’t provide any decent value to me any longer.

    I am also planning on becoming more focused taking things one step at a time and completing the job in hand. If I don’t do this, things tend to end up getting a bit messy and nothing seems to get finished which then leads on to procrastination.

    At the time of writing this post I have two young children who also like to get a bit of daddy’s time so it only makes more sense to me to try and simplify and streamline things. I can then be more productive when I do get an hour or so spare to work on my online business.


    Robert Chenery

  3. Hi Stefan,
    I am all for KISSing it and I have just done the same thing. I even have domains that I didn’t do anything with at all.
    Are you using your current sites to link back here?

    I think the guys who are making money out of multiple sites have hundreds if not thousands of them that make a few dollars each. It seems like hard work to me.


  4. Hi Stefan,
    Thanks for your help the other day. Your time and effort to answer my ‘silly’ queries were really appreciated. I hope to repay the favour some day.
    Your article here resonates with me too. I am a victim of distraction, although one can argue that having ideas that draw your attention away from a single site is a positive thing? It stimulates innovation, doesn’t it.
    Then again, taking this argument to the next level means that there is a real risk of achieving ‘nothing’.
    Your sentiment in this article makes perfect sense, therefore. I agree and wish to add far more discipline to my work.
    Your site seems evident of your focus. It is very ‘sticky’ with some great content. I will revisit for sure.
    Thanks again

  5. Talk about nailing it…

    Your post cuts to the chase! We are all too busy. Many of us too bust doing all the wrong stuff. It doesn’t take much these days to get sidetracked and loose focus on the things that get us closer to our goals. It is important to have reminders every day to keep us on track!

    Thanks for your timely post…bookmarked!


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